Botkin.AI platform integration with Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

Botkin.AI platform integration with Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

How It Works

Medical institutions which use the integrated HIS-Botkin.AI product would be able to more effectively organize the diagnostiс and work with the patient processes. Artificial intelligence-based software is integrated into workflows, in order to enable permanent data analysis and relevance.

Usage of HIS-Botkin.AI product can reduce the radiologists’ workload and at the same time ensure high quality standards compliance.

The advantages of using the integrated HIS-Botkin.AI product appear at various stages of medical institution’s processes. The types of data, the workload of radiologists are different in various medical institutions at different periods of time, as well as patients who expect better high-quality service.

Integration of artificial intelligence technologies into the activities of a medical organization with the help of HIS will maximize the potential of medical institution and provide the best service with maximal medical expertise.

Product value for Medical Institutions

  • Improving the medical institution’s positioning as a high-tech provider of medical services
  • Increasing patient loyalty in early stage cancer diagnostics
  • Сonsultations organization
  • Reducing the workload of highly qualified radiologists
  • Ability to use teleradiology technologies for images’ of medical institution patients description or provision of services to third-party medical institutions