Fighting COVID-19 Together: Chest X-Ray analysis for pneumonia with Botkin.AI Platform

Fighting COVID-19 Together:
Chest X-Ray analysis for pneumonia with Botkin.AI Platform

Digital X-Rays and CTs of lungs are the most widespread radiological studies in international healthcare practice. Millions of lung X-Rays are implemented annually. The unexpected world pandemic COVID-19 again brought radiological analysis methods to the first place. It became clear that CTs and lung X-Rays are the most effective types of radiological studies for identifying groups of infected patients with severe lung lesions who require hospitalization and intensive care.

These factors led to a significant increase of radiologists workload due to the increase of number of radiological studies implemented, and stressful working conditions. The risk of missing significant findings on diagnostic images appears.

Purpose of the System

The X-Ray analysis functional of the Botkin.AI platform (afterwards – the “System”) is intended to assist a radiologist in identifying pathological changes in chest X-Rays performed in either a planned manner, or during screening and mass preventive medical examinations. The above-mentioned functionality is a tool for automatic detection and markup of changes in lungs that are suspicious of an inflammatory, oncological or tuberculous process.

The System will be demanded in the analysis of professional examinations data and screening programmes aimed at cancer detection and pulmonary tuberculosis, and during mass diseases epidemics with a high frequency of lung lesions, such as COVID-19 and similar to it. Using the System will also significantly facilitate and objectify a radiologist work when comparing multiple studies of the same patient in dynamics influenced by a particular treatment.

Key Functionality of the System

The System allows to:

  • Detect pathological changes that indicate an inflammatory, oncological or tuberculous process in lungs;

  • Prioritize the studies with suspicions found;

  • Analyze the studies processed by the System in an integrated Viewer with a standard set of tools for visualization improvement and measurement of structures in the image.

The System functionality allows to speed up the process of referring the patient to a particular specialist - a therapist, oncologist, or TB specialist, or to a follow-up study (CT with intravenous contrast, PET-CT, etc.), and start treatment earlier when the diagnosis is confirmed. The advantage of this process is especially relevant for medical institutions with a large patients flow, in which it may take several days and more to for the results to be received.