AI-based platform for medical images processing and analysis


  • Mathematical models for medical image analysis using artificial intelligence technologies
  • Multimodal DICOM Viewer
  • AI-based tools for pathology analysis results’ visualization
  • Images markup tools
  • Customizable interaction processes between radiologists and artificial intelligence tools

Concept of Use

Usage of the Platform example

Task: Automatic revision of diagnostic images from PACS server of healthcare provider or Central Archive of Medical Images

Goal: Reduced risk of skipping pathologies, especially oncological diseases in the early stages

Product Value

For Healthcare authorities:

  • Implementation of national healthcare programmes
  • Mortality decrease, including a one-year mortality of patients with malignant neoplasms
  • Healthcare equipment usage improvement

For Healthcare providers and radiologists:

  • Medical errors probability reduction
  • Workload of radiologists reduction
  • Possibility of using the product for scientific work and additional training

Key Elements of the Platform

DICOM Viewer Botkin Oncore

Professional DICOM Viewer with AI functions

  • Web-based access from anywhere
  • Visualization of pathologies detected by AI
  • Professional DICOM Viewer Tools
  • Automatic prioritization of studies
  • Ability to compare multiple studies in one window
  • Studies mark-up tools
  • Tools for collaborative work

Botkin Workflow Engine

Technology for studies flow received from customers via Botkin Gateway management

  • Research processing scenarios setting, depending on tasks given, content of DICOM-tags, types of studies or pathologies, gateway settings
  • Determination of processing status for each step of research scenario
  • Logging of all research processing stages
  • Visual representation of processing statuses to increase the work efficiency with a large flow of studies

Botkin Gateway

Own-developed Gateway for integration with Central Archive of Medical Images and PACS

    It is deployed in medical institution network. With Botkin Gateway it is possible to configure the interaction between the PACS server of medical institution and the Cloud Platform for medical image analysis. The Gateway has following functions:
  • Depersonification of medical images based on selected DICOM tags
  • Filtering PACS server studies by tags content for processing transmission
  • PACS server schedule for information pull out
  • Integration with any number of PACS servers

Key Elements of the Technology